We realize that some of our customers are concerned about their privacy. This document outlines our policies with respect to information about you. It is effective as of January 1, 2001.

We gather information on you, this includes order information, e-mail addresses, and any other data you enter. It also includes your usage of this site, pages you visit and things you do there. Due to the requirements for reporting of sales tax and validation of credit cards we require purchases have valid mailing addresses and phone numbers. We also require valid e-mail addresses. Failure to give a valid e-mail address will result in you not receiving your product serial number and therefore being unable to use or access the product you have purchased. Automatic information we gather can include cookies and other data about you and your computer as a result of just viewing our pages. We may also make use of e-mail features that validate the reading of e-mail we send you. We may purchase or otherwise acquire customer information from other companies and merge that information with our own database.

While in general we believe our customer information is one of our more valuable assets and do not share or distribute it easily, we will share information with other businesses from time to time. This includes but isn’t limited to: agents we use to process your orders, other businesses we make contractual agreements with, and when required by law enforcement/courts.

You are of course welcome to not provide information, however doing so may cause us to not be able to sell you products or otherwise offer you our services. There are systems available that can prevent or block the use of cookies on web sites. If you do not wish to receive promotional/informational e-mail from us, you should send e-mail requesting your address be removed from our mailing lists to .

We do not send unsolicited e-mail, you must have provided us with an e-mail address in order to receive e-mail from us. We will respect all requests to remove your address form these types of promotional or informational e-mail. Where possible we prefer to send these types of announcements to self-regulated mailing lists(Yahoo Groups/eGroups/etc) so that you can control the promotional information you receive.

We do not sell products to children, if you are under 18 you may use this web site only with the supervision of an adult or guardian.

Basically, as with any business, information about our customers is a valued assets we can and will use, believing otherwise of any business would be naive.

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