Launch AL for DAZ Studio

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This plugin makes working with Advanced Library, a Poser/DAZ Studio content managment app easier. It adds a command that will launch Advanced Library from inside DAZ Studio, which can be added to any menu or toolbar. It also includes an option to launch Advanced Library when DAZ Studio starts. If Advanced Studio is already running, it will be brought to the front rather than launch a second copy. When launching Advanced Studio the override_expiration option will be passed which will allow Advanced Studio version to run even if it's time has expired.

Advanced Studio can be download from

This is Windows only. To install it pick the correct version (32 or 64 bits) from the ZIP and copy the PontariPlugs folder into your DAZ Studio plugin dir. This requires DAZ Studio 4.5 or higher, it will not work in earlier versions of DAZ Studio. It has only been tested on 4.8.

If you have issues with it please drop me a note at


Configure Dialog

Menu commands added to Edit menu

Date Build Comment
06/12/2015 Inital beta
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