How to Add a command to the Main Menu

Here's a quick guide to how to add plugin menu items to your DAZ Studio main menu. Most plugin commands won't automaticlly appear on your menus, you must add them by hand. To do this open the Customize dialog with Edit->Customize or press F3 to bring up this dialog:


Switch to the Menus tab on the top right side and expand the Main Menu section. This holds all the menus at the top of DAZ Studio. Find the top level command you want to add your plugin comamnds to. Most plugins focus on adding commands to the Edit menu.

Now you need to find the plugin command on the left side. It helps if you know the section name the plugin command is under. For instance our PRPC plugin uses the Edit section for it's commands, so if you expand edit on the left side you can see the two PRPC commands


Drag the plugin commands from the left side to the menu on the right side and hit Accept. Your plugin commands will now be on your main menu.

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